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Glasses and Eye Exams

Eye exams are vital before going back to school, especially if your child needs eyeglasses. At Spadafora & Zak Eye Care in Clarkston, MI, our eye doctor provides eye exams and pediatric eye care to ensure that your child's vision is at its best. We also provide eyeglasses if your child needs corrective eyewear.

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Glasses and Grades

When a child doesn't see well, it's usually due to myopia, also known as nearsightedness. This eye condition is due to the way the eye is shaped, and it usually gets worse over time. If you notice that your child's grades have gone down, this could be due to vision. Not being able to see the front of the classroom, as well as the teacher, can hamper your child's education. When your child gets back to school glasses, his or her vision will improve, and you can expect grades to improve, as well.

Eyesight and Eye Strain

Poor vision in children can cause a variety of different symptoms. Your child may have considerable eye strain from trying to see the board and the teacher. This can manifest into eyes that are tired and painful, as well as frequent headaches. If you hear your child complaining about these symptoms, it's time to visit our eye doctor for pediatric eye care. You may also notice your child rubbing the eyes, and this is a symptom of myopia in kids.


If you notice your child getting frustrated easily or coming home from school upset, problems with your child's eyesight could be behind it. It's incredibly frustrating to strain the eyes all day only to miss out on seeing what's going on. Often, the vision problem will set in slowly over time so that kids don't notice that their eyes have gotten worse. That's why they seldom report to parents that they are having problems seeing.

Visit Our Eye Doctor in Clarkston, MI for Pediatric Eye Care

If your child has any of these symptoms and you think a vision problem is the cause, we can help. At Spadafora & Zak Eye Care in Clarkston, MI, our team will perform an eye exam to look for any problems. If your child has a vision issue, we provide back to school glasses to improve his or her vision. It is important to ensure that your child's prescription is up to date by coming in for routine eye exams. We are happy to answer any questions you have. Call us today to schedule an appointment at 248 -922-1862 or book online at

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