Comprehensive Eye Exams

Comprehensive Eye Exams

Even if you do not currently suffer from vision loss, vision changes, or poor eye health, seeing an eye doctor in Clarkston is a great way to stay on top of your eye health and catch potential issues before they worsen. At Spadafora & Zak Eye Care, we have been providing Clarkston residents with reliable optometry services which includes Comprehensive Eye Care  for over 20  years. We understand your goals and provide preventative and routine exams that allow every member of your family to maintain good eye health.


Eye Exam Consultation

The first portion of your eye exam will likely involve a consultation with Dr Ann M. Spadafora or Dr. Michael C. Zak.  Our eye doctors in Clarkston wants to understand any symptoms you may be experiencing. You will also be asked about the medications you take as well as your general health and family history. This is the best time to bring up any concerns you have.

Eye Function Testing

Dr Ann M. Spadafora and / or Dr. Michael C. Zak will check the function of your eyes regardless of your vision prescription. These tests will include an assessment of your depth perception, color vision, peripheral vision, and light response. Our doctor will also look at your eye muscles to ensure they move together with the way they should.

Vision Testing

Even if you do not wear eyeglasses, our optometrist in Clarkston will test your vision to determine if you would benefit from glasses or contacts. This task is performed with the help of a wall chart and a machine that uses lenses to determine the acuity of your vision.

Eye Health

Finally, Dr Ann M. Spadafora or Dr. Michael C. Zak will consider your overall eye health as part of your comprehensive exam. This part of the exam involves a visual inspection of your eyes and eyelids, typically with magnification. Our doctor will dilate your pupils and check for pressure on the surface of the eye to test for common eye diseases like glaucoma and structural issues.

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Spadafora & Zak Eye Care provides eye exams, eyeglasses, and more. If you have been searching the web for "eye care Clarkston MI," you can count on our team to provide comprehensive eye care. Call us today at (248) 922-1862 for more information on our eye care services or to schedule an appointment with our optometrist. You can also book on-line at


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