Through the Lens: Choosing Your Designer Glasses

Once your optometrist has given you a vision prescription, it is time to choose your frames. Don't underestimate how important this step in the process is. The way you feel about your glasses will have a big impact on whether they serve you well or not. At Spadafora and Zak Neighborhood Eye Care, we provide a full range of optometry services, including prescription glasses and prescription contacts in Clarkson. We are excited to help you with your eye care needs in Clarkston, MI. 

Through the Lens: Choosing Your Designer Glasses Through the Lens: Choosing Your Designer Glasses

What to Expect When You Visit the Eye Doctor

When you visit the optometrist for an eye exam, your vision will be examined as well as your eye health. Remember a vision screening and an eye exam are not the same things. A vision screening only tests to see how well you can see, while a thorough eye exam will examine the actual health of your eyes. When you are searching for an “optometrist near me”, be sure you find an eye doctor that is a certified optometrist and qualified to perform these crucial eye exams. 

If it is determined that you need eyeglasses or contacts, an eye care prescription can be made for you.

Do the Frames Matter?

Your eyeglasses will quickly become an important part of your accessories and wardrobe. If the frames you choose are not comfortable, you may be reluctant to wear them as you should. This could start to affect your vision in a negative way in the long run. 

Uncomfortable frames can also cause headaches or even neck problems over time. When glasses do not sit well on the face, you may start to compensate by holding your head in an uncomfortable position. This will cause the muscles of the neck to be hurt, causing other problems. 

The frames also matter because you want to make sure you feel confident in the frames you choose. It is sometimes helpful to bring along a friend to help you pick out frames that are right for you. If not, our optometrists are always there to help you with the process.

Contact Us to Learn More About Designer Glasses

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