Dry Eye

Age can take a toll on your eye health and vision. The older you get, the more susceptible you become to eye-related issues. Dry eye syndrome is a common eye condition. If your eyes are feeling dry, irritated, or itchy due to lack of moisture, contact our Clarkston optometrist at Spadafora & Zak Eye Care for testing and treatment for dry eye syndrome.

Dry Eye

Causes of Dry Eye

Tears keep your eyes lubricated and moist to maintain good eye function and protect you against eye infections. However, any disruption in tear production will impact the health of your eyes. Dry eye syndrome is the result of low tear production or the production of low-quality tears that are ineffective in hydrating your eyes. Age is a common cause of dry eye as tear production decreases with age. 

Excessive computer use, overexposure to the sun, eye infections and diseases, hormonal changes in your body, use of contacts, eye surgery, certain types of medications, and autoimmune diseases can cause dry eye syndrome.  

Symptoms of Dry Eye

Dry eye syndrome can cause your eyes to feel dry, itchy, and uncomfortable, like there’s something in your eye. Your eyes may sting or burn from daily use, secrete mucus, or become sensitive to light. Watery eyes are another symptom of dry eye as your eyes may overproduce low-quality tears to compensate for the dryness. Dry eye syndrome can cause blurred vision or eye fatigue, making it difficult to keep up with daily tasks. An eye exam at Spadafora & Zak Eye Care can determine if dry eye syndrome is the cause of your eye irritation.


If left untreated, dry eye syndrome can lead to complications with your eye health and vision. People with dry eye syndrome are more prone to eye infections or corneal abrasions due to a lack of moisture to protect their eyes. You’ll also find using contacts or glasses difficult due to irritating symptoms, keeping you from doing activities you enjoy. Fortunately, there are treatment options for dry eye syndrome that our eye doctor can discuss during your appointment.  

Dry Eye Treatment

For mild dry eye, OTC eye drops can reduce symptoms. For severe cases, our Clarkston optometrist can prescribe eye drops to stimulate tear production to lubricate your eyes. Punctal plugs help conserve tears in your eyes by plugging your tear ducts to help retain moisture. A change in medication or lifestyle habits may also reduce dry eye symptoms, so you can wear your glasses or contacts comfortably. 

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